About Lady Elizabeth

Lady Elizabeth in leather dress in front of medical table
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Lady Elizabeth provides elegant domination sessions, BDSM lifestyle education, and relationship coaching in Central Connecticut.


I view female domination as a divine art to be practiced by a goddess such as myself. Submission is an offering that you bring to me. I demand 100% from my submissives, and I give the same in return.  I insist on proper behavior from my submissives at all times. Do not disrespect me by wasting my precious time, missing your appointments, or forgetting your place.

Above all else, power play such as BDSM will be conducted safely. With this in mind, all limits are discussed in detail. I expect you to be totally honest regarding your experiences and expectations.

Physically, I am 5′ 4″ tall and weigh 115 pounds. My measurements are 32D-26-36 and I wear a size 7.5 shoe.  I have a creative mind to explore the many facets of this lifestyle.


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