Lady Elizabeth Interviewed by Lady S.

1.What city or cities do you play out of? Do you travel for sessions?

I have a private dungeon in Central Connecticut. I frequently see submissives from New York, Boston, and around the world. I travel to several kink events worldwide each year, and keep a current travel calendar on my website.

2. How did you get into kink?

I was always an alpha female, beginning with being an only child. I came across BDSM by accident at a goth club in Atlanta in college and was immediately hooked! I spent the whole night watching performances with rope, whipping, clothespins, all sorts of delicious things. A few weeks later I found out two friends were in a D/s relationship, and I asked them to start teaching me about it and sharing references.

3. Are you in the lifestyle, and if so, for how long?

Yes, I think it would be tough to do this if you weren’t also seriously engaged in D/s in your personal life. I first started exploring the lifestyle casually when I was 21, and have been full time for over a decade. In addition to my girlfriend being in the lifestyle, I have a few personal servants in my household.

4. When and how did you become a Dominant? What made you decide this was something you wanted to pursue?

It wasn’t intentional. People kept seeing me play at clubs and events and asked me to train them. My lifestyle explorations eventually turned into a fun part time gig while I was in graduate school. After I finished my PhD, I devoted myself full time to BDSM, and it bloomed into a successful journey. I also do some consulting related to my PhD work, and I do coaching for couples and individuals within the BDSM community.

5. What’s the best part of doing this? The worst?

The variety is the best! I get to see a diverse range of people, from nervous beginners to seasoned players to couples exploring together. I get to watch people grow and make improvements in their lives because of my discipline and training. Also, no scene is ever the same, even with someone I’ve seen for years. I never get bored. The worst aspect is the endless sea of emails from people who are not actually serious about following through with me. I reply to every email I receive, as a courtesy, and it takes an enormous amount of time.

6. Do you have a specialty, or a favorite activity?

I have several favorites. I always enjoy domestic discipline scenes and corporal punishment, and I really get into medical play. Also my girlfriend teaches suspension bondage, so that’s making me step up my rope bondage game! Outside of the dungeon I’m an avid skier, I take dressage lessons, and I enjoy all sorts of music from dance clubs to the symphony.

7. Do you have any interesting anecdotes to share?

People like to joke that they could write a book full of stories. Well, I wrote a whole dissertation on kink…how much time do you have?

8. Are you involved in any current projects? (Books, workshops, videos, etc)

I’m a Global Goddess for DommeTrips, which is a femdom vacation event. It’s important for me to give back to the local BDSM community, so I skill share at local events when I’m not traveling. I write for Kink Academy, and am always open to writing guest blogs on other sites.

9. Would you like to add anything else?

For me, dominance is about relationship building. I aim for quality rather than quantity with my servants, so everyone can have the personalized training they seek. Ultimately, life is about finding fun avenues for growth and exploration, and BDSM is a delightful way to facilitate happiness.